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The Lay of the Werewolf
Nationality: French
Genre: Short-Story

1)Bisclavaret- A Knight/Werewolf who was married and who bit his wife and was given back the title of being a knight.
2)The Wife- She re-married the knight after she found out that her husband was a werewolf.
3)King- He took the werewolf in and after he found out he was really the knight, he still gave him his title.
4)Knight- He married Bisclavaret's wife, and was attacked by Bisclavaret.

SETTING:Kingdom of Brittany during times of feudalism.

1)THEMES:a)Betrayal hurts most when done by one close to you.
b)Trust and loyalty must go both ways.
2)DYNAMIC CHARACTER:Wife was nice but then betrayed her husband and turned out to be evil.
3)EXTERNAL CONFLICT:Between Bisclavaret and his wife who betrayed him.
4)FORESHADOWING:a)When Bisclavaret told his wife nothing but evil would come from telling her his secret
b)When the wife contacts the knight we know they will probably get together.

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