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Things Fall Apart Questions



1. What is Okonkwo famous for in his clan of Umuofia?

2. How does Okonkwo feel about his father Unoka? WHY?

3. Okonkwo is a wealthy man and a noble. What are the signs of his wealth?

4. What sad event happens to the boy named Ikemefuna? WHY?

5. According to Achebe, what emotion dominates Okonkwo's life? What is the source of the emotion?

6. Unoka is described as a cowardly man who does not pay his debts. Why do you think such a man is tolerated by the clan

7. Do you think that Umuofia's claim against Mbaino and the terms of punishment are just? WHY or WHY NOT?



1. Why does Unoka consult the Oracle? What does the Oracle tell him?

2. Which crops do the Ibo consider men's crops and which do they consider women's crops?

4. What is The Week of Peace? What does Okonkwo do to break it? What action does the clan take as a result?

5. Who is Nwoye? How does Okonkwo treat him? Describe the relationship between Nwoye and Ikemefuna.

6. Okonkwo's first year as a farmer was very difficult. How was the diffuculty due to Okonkwo's family history and how was it due to nature?

7. In a sentence or two, explain the concept of chi. What is the meaning of the proverb,"When a man says yes his chi says yes also?"



1. When is the festival of the New Yam held? Describe three or more things the Ibo do to prepare for this festival.

2. What causes Okonkwo to shoot at Ekwefi?

3. What is an ilo? Briefly describe what the Ibo do at the Festival of the New Yam.

4. How do the Ibo treat the winner of the final wrestling match?

5. Okonkwo's feelings about the festival are complex. In your opinion, why does the thought of the upcoming festival sometimes please him and sometimes make him angry?

6. When Obiageli broke the pot, how did you expect Okonkwo would react? How did he actually react? How do you account for any difference between what you expected and Okonkwo's actual reaction?

7. Okonkwo is mentioned only once in Chapter 6, when he stands up briefly at the sight of a clever wrestling move. What do you imagine are Okonkwo's feelings as he watches the wrestling and the victory celebrations?



1. How and why is Ikemefuna killed?

2. What role does Okonkwo play in Ikemefuna's death?

3. How does Okonkwo feel about his daughter Ezinma?

4. What is Okonkwo friend Obrieka's response to the plot against Ikemefuna? What reason does he give for his response?

5. In your opinion, did Ikemefuna know that he was going to be killed? Give evidence for your opinion?

6. How does Okonkwo feel about the death of Ikemefuna? How does Nwoye feel about it? State which passages give evidence for your conclusions.

7. What effect do you think the death of Ikemefuna will have on the relationship between Nwoye and his father Okonkwo? WHY?

8. Why do you think Achebe (the author) included the long scene in which Okonkwo visits his friend Obirieka? List two things you learned about Ibo culture from this scene, and two things that you learned about the CHARACTERS.



1. Why does Ekwefi have a bitter attitude toward life?

2. The relationship between Ekwefi and her daughter Ezinma is extraordinary close. State two ways in which this is so.

3. An ogbanje is changeling, a child who repeatedly dies and returns to its mother. How can humans defeat an obanje's wickedness?

4. Chapter 10 describes a legal case. What are the facts of the case? Who are the judges, and how do they behave? What decision is made?



1. Chielo, the priestess, interrupts the story-telling. What announcement does she make? Where does she take Ezinma?

2. What does Chielo do when she hears Ekfefi walking behind her?

3. How does Okonkwo react when the priestess first makes her annoucement? How does he react when she first carries Ezinma away? What action does he take still later?

4. What is the customery Ibo reply when someone sneezes?

5. What did the journey to the Oracle show you about Ekwefi's CHARACTER? About Okonkwos character?

6. The narrative tells us that when Chielo is acting as the priestess of Agabala, she seems very different from her everyday self. In two or three sentences,describe the difference.

7. At the end of chapter 11, Ekwefi remembers her past. What do her memories show you about her feelings toward Okonkwo?

8. Why do you think the Oracle called for Ezinma?



1. What does the priestess do with Ezinma after emerging from the cave?

2. What joyous ceremony takes place the day after their return from the cave?

3. The day after the joyous ceremony, what sorrowful news does the drum announce?

4. Why does the drum's news send a cold shiver over Okonkwo?

5. What terrible accident occurs at the funeral?

6. After the accident, what must Okonkwo and his family do? What happens to Okonkwo's house the next day?

7. While preparing for a ceremony, the men of Umuofia talk about the market at Umuike. What does this discussion show you about the men of Umuofia?

8. According to the narrative, violent deaths are frequent in Umuofia. Why, then, does the accident at the funeral cause unprecedented confusion? Does Umuofia law have a way of dealing with the event?

9. In your opinion, why did Achebe choose to end part 1 where he did?



1. Okonkwo's mother's kinsmen help him start farming. Cite at least two ways in which they help.

2. According to Achebe, how does Okonkwo feel about his new life? Cite atleast one example of FIGURITIVE LANGUAGE that Achebe uses to describe Okonkwo's feelings.

3. What does Obirieka bring with him on his visit to Okonkwo? What is it for?

4. What disaster happened to the Abame clan? How did it happen?

5. What is the weather phenomenom the Ibo call "The nuts of the water of heaven"?

6. What do the Ibo mean by "iron horse"?

7. Why do you think Obieka does not want Okonkwo to thank him?

8. Based on what you read in chapter 14 and 15, make a prediction about something that will happen later in the novel.