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Honors and Advanced Placement
English Portfolio
Complete Instructions

For additional information, please see an Honors or AP English teacher.

ALL portfolios are due August 26, 2008. They must reflect excellent work in all ways.

Honors/Advanced Placement Summer Reading/Portfolio Instructions
Honors and AP Students must:
Have a mature level of writing.
Have a higher level of thinking—analysis and synthesis.
Have an enthusiasm for reading.
Have self-motivation and a strong sense of integrity.
Have an elevated level of creativity and work ethic.

Honors and AP work must:
Be turned in on August 26, 2008 (for first and second semester students alike). Expect to take tests on the readings the first week of school. Students scheduled for second semester should see the appropriate teacher at open house or during the first week of school to schedule a time to take the reading tests.
Be typed and presented in a neat and organized format (double-spaced, 12 pt. font). Unless otherwise indicated, any essay should be at least two pages.
Include a table of contents with point values. Make sure you count the points, and ensure that your submissions fully express your understanding of the novel. See attached sample format.
Be appropriate to the novel being read.
Be the student’s original work. Any student who plagiarizes or is a party to plagiarism or cheating will receive a zero.
Students transferring to NPHS will be given adequate time to complete assignments.
Have a printed copy of the work submitted, but it may be accompanied by a disk/CD version, as well.
Have each assignment clearly labeled to identify which assignment is being submitted.
Be no larger than a poster board.
Reflect the student’s knowledge; therefore, to receive full point value for an assignment, the assignment needs to reflect a high level of analysis, effort and presentation. Understand that simply reading notes for these selections will not allow you the depth of response needed to show knowledge and analysis. While you may use these sources as an aid, do not make the mistake of using them as your sole source of knowledge. Additionally, you will be required to take a test on your reading selections during the first week of class. Any use of additional material (including Cliff-like notes) MUST be documented using MLA format.
Reflect the appropriate level of accomplishment for the student. Upper level students (11th and 12th grades) should use formal writing skills learned in 9th and 10th grades.

Additionally, please note: If any part of the portfolio is deemed unsatisfactory, a suitable number of points will be deducted.
Students should be prepared to share their portfolios in class, and all portfolio assignments will become part of your permanent English Writing Portfolio.
If you are unclear about what this means, please contact Mrs. Flowers.
Remember that the purpose of the portfolio projects is to prove your knowledge and understanding of the novels you read.

ALL portfolios are due August 26, 2008.
They must reflect excellent work in all ways.