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GENRE: biblical short story


1)Ruth: protagonist, husband dies, loyal & good friend to Naomi, marries Boaz

2)Naomi: mother-in-law to Ruth & Orpah, husband & sons die, treats Ruth as her daughther

3)Boaz: wealthy, owns much farmland, kinsman to Naomi, marries Ruth


Setting: Bethlehem & Moab; Boaz's land

Themes: a)true friends are will to make sacrifices
b)loyalty is a quality a good friend should have

Internal Conflict: a)both Ruth & Orpah must decide to either return to their homeland or go with Naomi to hers; Ruth goes with Naomi, but Orpah doesn't
b)Boaz must decide if he will marry Ruth

Mood: the mood begins as sorrowful when the men die, changes to hopeful as Naomi & Ruth travel to her homeland, becomes a little suspeseful as we wait for Boaz's decision, and ends as joyful when he marries Ruth & they have a son

Secondary character: Orpah, Naomi's daughter-in-law that returns to her own homeland