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The Phantom of
the Opera

Author: Gaston Leroux

Nationality: French

Genre: Novel


Paris Opera House including
-Box 5
-Christine's dressing room
-the managers' office


Perros Guirec including
-Mama Valerius's home
-the church
-the graveyard where Mon. Daae was buried

Under the Opera House including
-the lake
-secret passage ways
-Erik's house
-the Louis Philippe room
-the torture chamber

-the Persian saved Erik's life there
where Erik entertained the Sultana

Other minor characters

Isidore Saack: tripped & broke leg running from fight caused by O.G.
Phillipe de Chagny: protective older brother of Raoul
Meg Giry: Mad. Giry's daughter, a dancer, promised to become empress by O.G.
Little Jammes: a dancer, O.G. compare her to a calf
Darius: loyal servant to the Persian


-Erik's mask

-Christine's ring

-the grasshopper & scorpion

-the Punjab lasso

-Christine's mirror

-safety pin