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"Orpheus and Eurydice"

Author: unknown

Nationality: Greek

Genre: myth

Major Characters

1) Orpheus: prince of Thrace, played the lyre, wrote poetry, loved Eurydice, risked life for her

2) Eurydice: wife of Orpheus, a dryad, chased by Aristaeus, bit & killed by snake, doomed to Hades

3) Aristaeus: hunter god, chased Eurydice, arrogant, bully

Literary Terms

Setting: Kingdom of Thrace, Underworld

Themes: a)part of love is being willing to make sacrifices
b)love can cause pain & sorrow

Villain: Aristaeus is because he's a bully, is arrogant, and chases a helpless woman

foreshadowing: a) when Eurydice is napping and the viper appears, it is a bad omen
b)when Persephone warns Orpheus not to look back, we know he probably will

Internal Conflict: Orpheus must decide if he will risk going to Hades to rescue Eurydice