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"The Necklace"

Title: "The Necklace"

Author: Guy de Maupassant

Nationality: French

Genre: Short Story


Characters: Mon.Loisel,Mad.Loisel,Mad.Forestier

Setting: Paris late 1880's

Theme: a)it is always best to tell the truth
b)vanity (self-love) is not a good quality

Symbol: the necklace representented a) Mad. Loisel's vanity & disatisfacation with her life
b) the Loisel's dishonesty & fear of telling the truth

Situational Irony: they worked 10 yrs to pay 36,000 frances for the necklace worth 500

Internal Conflict: Mad.Loisel wanted to be something she was not; she was unhappy with her status in life

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