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Honors English II
Major Works Data Sheet

Title: Biographical information about the author:__5 pts Author: Date of Publication: Genre: Historical information about the period of publication or setting of the novel: ___5 pts Point of view and sample passage w/ pg #: __5 pts Plot Summary: Do not cut/paste from a website, which is a form of plagiarism. (Key events) ___10 pts Major Works Data Sheet Memorable Quotes (minimum of 5) ___35 pts Passage & pg # Significance: literary term connection and explanation Major Works Data Sheet Characters ___10 pts Name Role in the story Significance Adjectives Major Works Data Sheet Setting: ___5 pts Significance of the opening scene ___5 pts Symbols & explanation (at least three) ___5 pts Significance of the ending / closing scene ___5 pts Possible Themes and Topics of Discussion: ___10 pts