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Les Miserables

Author: Victor Hugo

Nationality: French
Genre: novel
Written: 1862

Major Characters

1. Jean Valjean: protagonist, ex-convict, given 2nd chance by Bishop, cares for Fantine & Cosette

2. Javert: Valjean's nemesis, policeman, believes strongly in the law, doesn't believe in change or second chances

3. Fantine: poor, loves Cosette, tricked by Thenadiers, sells things (including body) for money

4. Cosette: ophan, Fantine's daughter, adopted by Valjean, abused by Thenadiers, loves Marius

5. Marius: a revolutionary, student, fights for the republic, loves Cosette

Minor Characters

1. Bishop: gives Valjean candlesticks & a second chance
2. Fauchelevent: saved by Valjean from cart; later returns favor in convent
3. Thenardiers: dishonest, abuse Cosette, manipulate Fantine, try to trick Valjean
Mon. Gillenormand

Literary Terms

1)Themes: a) people can change
b) forgiveness is better than anger

2)Dynamic character: Valjean

3)Symbol: silver candlesticks represent forgiveness, virtue, a 2nd chance, change, a new life for Valjean

4)External Conflict: Valjean & Javert
Valjean & Marius
common people of France & King

5)Internal Conflict: a)Valjean (as Mayor Madeleine) deciding to save the accused criminal & reveal his true identity
b) Valjean deciding to become a changed man or continue in his old ways
c) Javert not being able to change

6) Setting: