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"How Much Land Does a Man Need?"

Title: "How Much Land Does a Man Need?"

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Nationality: Russsian

Genre: parable

1. Pahom- peasant,wants land, becomes greedy, dies while trying to get too much land

2. Devil- trying to trick Pahom, uses land to bring Pahom's downfall; the "Evil one"

3. Bashkirs: nomads,didn't work, "owned" lots of land; drank kumiss & ate mutton

Literary Terms

1. Themes: a) people shouldn't be greedy
b) people should be satisfied with what they have

2. foreshadowing: Pahom's dream foreshadowed his downfall & death

3. internal conflict: a) Pahom was not satisfied with his life b) Pahom's greed became his tragic flaw

4. external conflict: a) Pahom & his neighbors over trespassing, etc.