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"Adam & Eve"

Title: "Adam & Eve"

Source: King James Bible

Nationality: Hebrew

Genre: biblical short story


Adam & Eve-firstpeople created; disobeyed God and were punished

God-created Adam & Eve & the world

Satan-in the form of a snake; tricked Eve

the Garden of Eden, a perfect place for the 1st humans


1)themes: a) throughout life people must choose between right & wrong
b) actions always have consequences

2)symbols: a) apple or fruit- sin, disobedience, evil, imperfection
b)tree of knowledge- power, death, rules
c) serpent- Satan, evil, deception

3)external conflict: a) Adam & Eve vs. serpent/Satan
b) Adam & Eve vs. God

4)internal conflict: Adam & Eve each had to decide if they would eat the fruit & disobey God or not eat the fruit & obey God

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