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Source: Old Testament of the Bible

Nationality: Hebrew

Genre: short story

David- hero, shepherd, young, brave, strong belief in his God, Israelite

Goliath -antagonist,giant bully, Phillistine, arrogant, boastful

Setting: Israelites on 1 mountain, Phillistines on another with a valley in between

Literary Terms

1. Theme: a)good overcomes evil b) strength does not always guarantee success

2. External Conflict: a) Israelites vs. Phillistines b) David vs. Goliath
c) David vs. brothers

3. Hero: David relies on faith in God and uses his cleverness to defeat the bully, Goliath

4. Situational irony: as the underdog, we pull for David but would not expect such a young, inexperienced boy to defeat Goliath with only stones; neither do the other characters

5. Mood: hopeful & suspenseful as we wait to see if David will succeed

6. Poetic justice: Goliath, the bully, is killed thus getting what he deserves

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