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Cyrano de Bergerac

Author: Edmond Rostand

Nationality: French

Genre: Play or Drama

Written: 1897

Major Characters

Cyrano: protagonist, a soldier, poet, philosopher, and scientist; he has an enormous nose and is very sensitive about it; in love with Roxane

Christian: Cyrano's friend, in love with Roxane, not smart, handsome

Roxane: beautiful, object of Cyrano & Christian's affection, Cyrano's cousin

Literary Terms

1. Themes: a)beauty vs. intelligence b) deceiving someone may keep you from them in the end

2. Internal conflict: a) Cyrano deciding to tell Roxane his true feelings
b) Christian deciding to tell Roxane the truth; he doesn't

3. External conflict: a) Cyrano & Montfleury
b)Cyrano & De Guiche
c) Cyrano & Valvert

4. Symbols: a) nose: barrier between Cyrano & love; lack of self-confidence

b) Cyrano's pen: his true feelings and love for Roxane

Secondary Characters

Le Bret: Cyrano's friend and adviser

Count de Guiche: nephew of Cardinal Richelieu; married; loves Roxane

Ragueneau: poet, baker

Lise: Ragueneau's wife

Valvert: makes fun of Cyrano's nose

Montfleury: an actor who has angered Cyrano

Mother Marguerite de Jesus: Mother Superior at Roxane's convent

Sister Marthe & Sister Claire: nuns at the convent