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Author: Sophocles

Nationality: Greek

Genre: Drama

Major Characters

1. Antigone: protagonist, determined, brave, defies Creon's orders, daughter of Oedipus, niece of Creon

2. Ismene: torn between loyalty to Antigone & Creon, daughter of Oedipus, niece of Creon

3. Creon: strictly enforces the law, even on his own family, King of Thebes, uncle to Antigone & Ismene

Literary Terms

Setting: Thebes, after the death of Oedipus

Themes: a) not every conflict has a clear winner & loser
b) individual vs. authority
External conflict: a)Antigone must choose between loyalty to her family and loyalty to her country
b) Antigone & Creon
c) Antigone & Ismene

Secondary characters:

Polyneices & Eteocles- sons of Oedipus; Antigone & Ismene's brothers, kill each other fighting over the throne
Haimon- son of Creon, engaged to Antigone
Eurydice- Creon's wife
Teiresias- blind prophet

Tragic flaw: Creon's weakness is his pride & refusal to compromise